Lil ms Hot Rod: bastard
AbecX: Hey!!
AbecX: Fucking christ chick
AbecX: why the hell do you hate me so much
Lil ms Hot Rod: because your an asshole
AbecX: No I'm not
AbecX: fuck, I talk nothing but good things about you
Lil ms Hot Rod: umm who needs to stop putting my pics on your icons
AbecX: hahaha I was being stupid funny
AbecX: Trying to get your attention! ;-)
Lil ms Hot Rod:
Lil ms Hot Rod: nor was anyone else
AbecX: nor was anyone else what?
Lil ms Hot Rod: laughing at your stupidity
Lil ms Hot Rod: because that is all it is
Lil ms Hot Rod: to me and to everyone else
AbecX: Damn chick, have I scared you for life?
Lil ms Hot Rod: nope
AbecX: So then why do you get SO upset over it?
Lil ms Hot Rod: i could careless
AbecX: Yeah, its pretty obvious
Lil ms Hot Rod: what you or anyone else thinks about me
AbecX: You sure act otherwise Fallon
Lil ms Hot Rod: since i have a man very happy with him and dont need stupid assholes like you in my life :-P
AbecX: I never was in your life dork
AbecX: I'm glad you're happy
Lil ms Hot Rod: no but your sure as hell all up on my snatch all over the message boards 24-7
AbecX: bahahaha 24/7? Dont boost your ego!
Lil ms Hot Rod: as so0n as a new pic gets put up of m e hey lo0k its on abex's icon what a suprise
Lil ms Hot Rod: not
Lil ms Hot Rod: but no im trying to flatter myself
Lil ms Hot Rod: bitch please
AbecX: i was just playing the hand that was dealt to me
AbecX: everyone on that board thinks I'm obsessed with you, why not act like it
Lil ms Hot Rod: because the joke is old
AbecX: It gets some of them to say some pretty stupid shit lmao
AbecX: Ok, well since you dont care and it doesnt bug you, I guess since I post about you 24x7, I'll go ahead and start doing just that
AbecX wants to directly connect.
Lil ms Hot Rod's software does not support sending and receiving IM images.
Lil ms Hot Rod: whatever gets you off dude
Lil ms Hot Rod: peace out
AbecX: Later bitch
Lil ms Hot Rod: its cold hearted bitch
Lil ms Hot Rod: ad dont forget it
AbecX: Its called stinky cunt
AbecX: bitch cold heart my ass hahahah!
AbecX: You have so much feelings and you are sitting here showing it
Lil ms Hot Rod: ya right
AbecX: Go ahead and try to front like you're a bad bitch, its plainly obvious to me your not
AbecX: You are trying to hard to hide them, go ahead and quit typing, please, for the sake of your ego.
Lil ms Hot Rod: you still talking
Lil ms Hot Rod: ?????????????????